Tip #3 How to make more money at your Winnipeg/ Steinbach Wedding Social






Social Tip #3 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

Soliciting prizes can be tiresome and even frustrating for you and your wedding party. you’ll probably hear this about 50 times ” Yeah we don’t really give anything for Socials” or “We’re all out of promo stuff right now”
Most business won’t give prizes unless you are able to show them whats in it for them. so here is how you can do that.


1. Have a projector at your social, throw it on a wall and have pictures/ slides thanking the various sponsors. If you don’t tell them that you plan on doing this they won’t know and they won’t give.


2. Offer the sponsor an opportunity to put out flyers/ coupons on the tables. (Yes I know it sounds cheezy) But they are in business too, just as much as you’d love to make money on the night of your social they need to make money to keep their business open. They would jump at the chance for increased exposure. Just try it and see what happens


3. Make your social prizes larger. Instead of having 16, 17 or 20 prizes, have less but make them sizeable so your guest actually feel like their is value in your prizes


4. Grand prizes only. It’s easier for your guests to spend more money if the options are less. It’s less work & more money if you have maybe 5 – 7 Grand prizes only instead of 15 regular and 4 Grand prizes. and here is why:
i) The draws will be shorter which equals more drinking
ii) The guests will spend more money at once instead of forgetting to come back after the bar.
iii) Pricing is simple and straight forward


5. If your wedding party is like most wedding parties they dread going around and soliciting prizes. They can use the tips above or… They can each donate some money which you can then use to purchase proper prizes that your guests will actually want to spend money. Your wedding party and other friends & family who are helping solicit will thank you for it.

Want to know how you can get them spending more money on prize tickets, Drinks, 50/50 or Package deals? give us a call to setup a meeting and we can show you how. p.s. ask us about the “Crack the code safe” and how it can make you money

Bonus tips to get prizes.


Host Parties. There are many small business that specialize in personal selling e.g. Passion Parties, Party lite, Arbonne ,  Epicure , Scentsy , Pampered chef and more.. each time you host a party you receive a “FREE” gift and this can be used toward your silent auction prizes

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Tip #2 How to make more money at your Winnipeg / Steinbach social







Social Tip # 2 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

ANNOUNCEMENTS- I know this sounds like a cliché but you would be surprised how many DJ’s
will not make any announcements to encourage guest to do something other than just “sit there”.  We have heard from many of our couples when we ask them what they DONT want they almost always say “we don’t want a DJ that just sits there”
A) Before the event get your DJ a list of all the silent auctions prize and ticket prices i.e.
prize #1 is “A Hunting Package”, a list of your drink prices , it’s your DJ’s responsibility to physically go and take a look at the prizes and give it a quick description it  over the PA/ sound system for your guests who are seated to become interested. If you don’t interest them then they won’t move around a look at the prizes until its too late and then they won’t even bother to spend much money on them.

B) Your DJ needs to constantly advertise drink prices throughout the night and also needs to keep an eye on
the line up at the bar so they can announce when the line is short so that guests know they won’t have to wait in line. no one likes to wait in line. (Ask us about how you can encourage your guests to buy more drink tickets)**

C) Last call is one of the things that make your guests rush to the bar at break neck speed and get drinks with
the last of their tickets, this varies from hall to hall but one thing that remains the same is how people react when
they hear those dreaded two (2) words “LAST CALL”. Have a fake last call, then the  real last call.
Have your DJ announce last call 10 minutes earlier than normal this creates a rush to the bar after everyone gets their drinks and the crowd has dissipated announce another last call this will have guest running back to buy more tickets to get drinks before it’s too late. Works every time.

* Keep in mind this is Last call for drink tickets NOT last call for the bar

D) Have your DJ announce 50/50 & Perfume ticket prices and also identify the people who are going around and selling tickets, bring them up front have them demonstrate the arms length & wingspan. This will entice people to dig into the pockets

* Bonus. Get a picture of what the perfume/ Texas Mickey bottle looks like. If guest can see what they will win then they can envision winning it.

How can we help?

We can help with making announcements that are energetic, informative and also engaging for your guests, not to mention we have a few tricks that can help to make more money with the silent auction ticket sales, drink ticket sales, we have a different spin in the 50/50 that can make you some extra money, ask us about the 50/50 race.

Ask about our amazing” New CA$H CUBE 50/50 draw” guaranteed to sell more tickets.


The New 50/50 draw for wedding socials

Next Tip I’ll tell you about getting prize donations.

For More information about how our interactive Dj services can help you. Please call 204.392.5659 or… visit our website www.summerbounce.ca