Steinbach/ Winnipeg DJ’s heading out to Rough Rider Turf

Today is December 31, 2013 and we’re somewhere in the middle of no where!! lol ok ok maybe not quite but we about 30 Km from Sirous MB and we’re heading to Arcola SK to DJ for the New Years Eve Masquerade Ball. DJ Brenton & DJ Jules will be entertaining, plus i hear they have a pretty awesome hypnotist on just before us, should be a good show.

So most couples who are having events they generally think that if they are out of town the DJ won’t travel … well we do and we’re traveling 5 hrs to SK. for the new year we planning on DJing for more wedding receptions around the Winnipeg and steinbach area and maybe more SK events.

also i wanted to tell you about a new contest we are having this week called Pose N Post and it’s being held on our facebook page here’s the link

all you gotta do is get ready with your smart phone and watch the video to find out what you’re suppose to take a pic of and enter the contest.

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Winnipeg & Steinbach Area DJ also does church dances in the basement

December 20, 2013

tonight DJ Brenton will be the DJ for the Springs Church Inner City over on Burrows Ave in Winnipeg. Last time we did an event for these guys it was summer time and it was a neighborhood block party. (what a wicked idea) the kids were dancing. and he church yard was bumping.

Tonight we’re in the basement of the springs church inner city for another shaker, i’ve been given a ton a prizes to give out and these guys will participate in any dancing to win them. On the way here I guess i accidentally plugged the address into my iphone and switched 2 digits around because for about 20 minutes i was driving in circles, but i found it thanks to Jono Zantigh (another youth pastor from the other springs location)

We’ve done quite a few youth dances for different church organizations and it’s always fun, not what you’d expect but then again they want to have fun too right. It’s a little bit less formal that a Wedding Reception and not as crazy as a Winnipeg or Manitoba Wedding Social but it sure is fun

Let’s have a dance party in the church basement tonight!

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DJ company with Photobooth in Winnipeg & Steinbach area

Today we’re gonna talk about our Photobooth

We have some great ideas for wedding couples to do with our Photo Booth strips after their reception

You can have an album showing the photos of your guests. We have a printer already there so we print and give to guests as a wedding favor right after the photos are taken. Afterwards we add them to a scrapbook and guests write their well wishes and greetings to the bride and groom right beside their picture. This is more personal and very different from the standard guestbook, and it also helps to make the fun little things memorable.

Why do you need a photo booth at your reception?

everyone loves them because it entertains their guests who don’t dance while capturing memories and It brings out the personalities of the bride, groom and their guests. this also give a opportunity to interact and get their pictures taken with guests, so it’s kinda like visiting with them… but more fun!

Is it the same as those booths at the mall?

Our Photo Booth is an open air style, so it can accommodate larger group photos. We also bring props that guests can use to make things look wacky and create a more entertaining experience for themselves, some Winnipeg couples even personalize it by having us make special backgrounds for them. I wonder how a Winnipeg jets photo strip would look??. they even request certain props and or costumes. As soon as the camera counter starts the fun comes out and it’s hilarious to watch.

Is it Fun for Winnipeg, Steinbach & Area Wedding Receptions?

Props include Hats, masks, Mustaches, White board. These additions to the photos, make it creative and crazy. Especially when they write something and then photo bomb someone else with it. People from Winnipeg are a little crazy and the Photo Booth fits right in with them for a Wedding reception.

Watch our promo video here

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Winnipeg DJ’s Doing Christmas Parties

So it’s December 14, 2013, well… it’s actually December 15 at 3 AM but since we haven’t slept yet and we’re on our way home.. it’s still Saturday. By the time we get back to the shop and unload it’ll be about 4am.

Tonight we were the DJ’s for 2 christmas Parties, we hosted 2 Game Shows and did 1 Photo booth in Winnipeg. DJ’s Jules & DJ Brenton performed for the MMM group (Engineering firm), their dinner & Dance at the Fort Garry Place also in Winnipeg. The Venue was very nice however setting up and getting our equipment up there was a bit of a challenge but we managed, Stairs, Passage ways, Elevators.

We M.C.’d a customized Game Show for them and played 2 trivia game in the style-of-Jeopardy. It was fun! they were right into it! For Winnipeg company that we had never heard of before they were a blast. Following the Game Show we opened then Photobooth, DJ Kedron ran it and the guests jumped in and, taking a bunch of photo booth pictures. It was unlimited prints and they definitely had fun with. Shortly afterwards DJ’s Brenton & Jules opened up the dance floor and it was a hit. We filled the evening with interactive Dances and they loved it. They had never seen DJ’s like us in Winnipeg before for Christmas parties until the year before when on of their employees seen us at a different christmas party and “Stole us”. We worked with an awesome supervisor from the Fort Garry place named David, timid guy but very efficient and nice to us DJ’s which doesn’t happen very much.

DJ Stephen & DJ Jesse Performed for the Bethania Care personal Home which is also a Winnipeg company. their party was filled with many ethnic groups, Canadians, Jamaican, Cubans etc etc our Knowledge of Ethic music was put to the test every time they came up and asked for a Cha Cha or Meringue but our intense training that our DJ’s go through really paid off!. They had the dance floor bumpin from about 8:30 pm til 12 midnight, Their party was downstairs inside the Canad Inns Transcona in Winnipeg. Thinking back I remember being the DJ a wedding down there about 4 years ago. They Enjoyed the event and hopefully they’ll have us back next year.

DJ Bryer & DJ Rowan performed for a Game Show for Luxton Community Centre’s Christmas Party, it was a bit shorter than the rest but it was still fun, This is the first Community centre in Winnipeg that we’ve seen have a christmas Party but it was a great 2 hours they enjoyed playing round of round of Just-Like-Family-Feud, teams going head to head with each other.

Back on Friday we were the DJ’s for Hanover Dental in Steinbach, great group of people and they have one amazing boss Dr Luke Singh, he took really great care of his staff, the party was held at CD trees which is a Christmas Tree Farm just south of Steinbach, We played Just-Like-Family-Feud, In the Style-Of-Jeopardy and also Almost-Wheel-Of-Fortune. Then later we dimmed the lights, turned up the music and did some interactive Dances where we got involved and got them going. Dr Luke loves Bon Jovi

Earlier on Friday we were in Winnipeg again and this time we performed a Game Show for Arnold Bros Transport. Also a hoot! we did Just-Like-Family-Fued & In-The-Style-Of-Jeopadry. One guy in the crowd no matter what the question his answer “Whiskey!!” They even had a Santa who was taking pictures as well.

This marks the end of a busy few weeks with Christmas Parties in Winnipeg, Arcola SK, Red Lake ON, Steinbach MB and surrounding area’s we get a few days of rest and back to it.

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Merrry Christmas !

We don’t only DJ in Winnipeg or Steinbach Manitoba you know??

So today DJ’s Brenton & Jules are heading out. Out to where?? not Winnipeg!. Actually we’re headed the opposite direction. We’re headed to Kenora Ontario to DJ for the St Thomas Aquinas High School “Winter Formal”. This is probably the 5th year in a row that we’ve done this school dance and it’s pretty fun. We get there about 5 pm and as we’re driving right now… the road looks ugly and we have a 2 hrs drive which could easily turn into a 2.5 hr drive for these DJ’s.

Its a 3 hr dance party that is in a decked out gym and filled with schoolers that are ready to dance and have a good time. I’d be curious how we can get into Winnipeg or even Steinbach areas schools to provide DJ services for them for their Grads or Safe Grads? Now that would be awesome!. These guys in Kenora they love the interactive style of DJing that we bring and it’s always fun to party with them.

Wish us luck.!

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Keep warm everyone in Winnipeg!

Getting ready for a Christmas Season thats busy for a Winnipeg area DJ

Well looked out the window today and seen that it didn’t stop snowing from last night but then again… not surprised as we do live in Manitoba and Winnipeg is famous for cold but… you already knew that.

For this coming weekend we’ll be having DJ’s all over. On Friday DJ Brenton will be performing for a Corporate Holiday party & Game Show in Winnipeg. Saturday DJ Bryer Hildebrandt will be the DJ for the northern Chiefs of Ontario Christmas Party. DJ Aaron Miller will be the DJ & Game Show Host for McDonald’s Restaurants in Winnipeg. DJ Stephen Coverini will be in Balmoral as the DJ for the Stonewall District Health Association and DJ Brenton Thompson will be heading out to Erickson MB for a DJ and Game Show Host event.

Game shows are tons of fun that can be used to really get your guests having a good time even before the party actually begins. Some companies put custom questions into it so the guests are more familiar with the questions and then it’s about who’s the fastest not the smartest. Our Game shows come complete with the Host, the screen the buzzers and all, we’ve even been using the Game show as early entertainment for wedding socials.

We’re hoping the weather gets better as there will be tons of traveling and we know that our customers are looking forward to having interactive DJ’s for their events. Looking at the Calendar we will be DJ ing in Winnipeg quite a bit.

Talk to you all soon and keep warm

– DJ Brenton

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