3 Ways a Winnipeg DJ can help make your wedding amazing!

When it comes to weddings one of the people who should know the most about the day is the DJ. With such a small wedding industry in Winnipeg, Steinbach and surrounding areas it’s important for us to help our brides & grooms as much as we can.

I’m gonna give you 3 ways that a Winnipeg DJ can help you make your wedding amazing and just keep in mind that not every DJ is experienced or competent enough to pull these off, but we can.


1. Brides Surprise Message @ the Wedding Ceremony

We recently did a wedding in Kenose Lake, SK for Samantha & David. (Yes Dj’s can travel that far) During the planning Sam told me how much her and David were in love and she’d love to surprise him at every turn during the reception and she wanted the help of her wedding DJ to pull it off, that’s when I suggested why not start at the ceremony? Everyone is so used to seeing flashy hings happen  at the reception… why not take them all by surprise?

So we sat down and I recorded a little audio interview with Sam “About David” she blushed every time she though back to when they were just high school sweethearts or when they finally got engaged. After asking all the right questions I left the room and gave her only once instruction. “I want you to talk to David as if he were right here and it’s only you and him. I left for 5 minutes.

At the wedding ceremony as David waited at the front his eyes widened when Sam came down, but what really floored him was when she got about 1/2 way the music slowly faded and her voice came in and for the next 10 – 15 seconds she told him exactly what she was excited about and why. The look on his face and the emotions that she expressed to him were memories that will be remembered for ever.

We arranged with the officiate and the photographer so they were able to get them selves ready and the photographer Tatum Durbya from Paper Moon Photography in Saskatchewan did an amazing job capturing it all.



2. Ring Security & production @  The Ceremony

Jill & Keith had  1 son and wanted to integrate him in the wedding as much as possible, they told me that they wanted kyle to be the ring bearer but he was a little shy and they weren’t sure how he’s react and wanted the help of their DJ’s who were providing sound and microphones for the ceremony to pull it all together. After chatting a bit we figured Kyle really loved action movies and Mission impossible was one of his fav’s We managed to get him a pair of sick shades and a black ear piece that made him look like he worked for the secret service and very very small black suit case. We them found the theme music to Mission impossible and he was sold on it!


during the wedding ceremony he almost stole the show, guests were snapping pictures it was the best wedding ceremony that most guest around the Winnipeg or steinbach area had ever seen.


Here’s an example of what ring security can look like.




 3. Bridal Party Flash Mob @The Ceremony

We were out in Brandon for Wedding and it was all held inside. When the ceremony started, we had soft music playing as the officiant walked in, the music faded and when we hit play all the guest could heard was “Party Rock is in the house tonight!!” each member of the wedding party came shuffling and dancing the best moves as they came down the isle. The guests went wild and had a good laugh. Then when it was the bride & grooms turn to come in they did the same. They had all practiced a few dance moves and were showing them off for sure.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help make your wedding ceremony FUN! and Memorable give us a call 204.392.5659


Summer Bounce is a Winnipeg DJ Service but we also do Cash Cubes!!

So there will be a restaurant & Bar show happening at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. We will be providing our cash cube to a company called Toledo foods. The cash cube will be used inside their booth to help entice their guests and get them to enter the draws.

believe me when I say every time this machine comes out the people of Winnipeg go crazy. in past years we’ve also used it for the wonderful wedding show.

How can this help you if you’re planning a Wedding Social in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba for tat matter? Well we’ve all seen 50/50 draws at wedding Socials around Winnipeg and it’s the same thing right? some unwilling member of the wedding party walks around with a bucket and a roll of tickets, when they come up to you, you can barely hear what they’re saying because the music is so loud so they simply point at the tickets and give you a 1/2 smile/ smirk to which you just shake your head and continue with your conversations.

But now it’s your Wedding Social and you want everyone to be pumped about buying 50/50 tickets. You want your social to be profitable and wow your guests, with a cash cube you can do just that. the booth is filled with “funny money” and it’s setup close to the front door or by the DJ table so everyone can see it.

All your guests see are dollar signs in their eyes as they watch all this money (that could be theirs) blow all around in the whirlwind of winnings.You can get your wedding party members to hop in and really show how excited they are to grab all the green. When your guest see how exciting it looks they’ll all be asking just one question.

How can I get in there?

All you have to do is buy a 50/50 ticket and if you win… instead of getting only 1/2 the prize why not jump into the cash cube and grab at ALL of it. everyone will be digging deep into their pockets to get a chance.

Just in case you’re thinking “are loonies & toonies gonna be flying at people heads?” No we have funny money is $1 denominations makes it more fun that way.

If you’d like to have a cash cube for your Winnipeg Wedding Social then visit our website http://www.summerbounce.ca

New Years Eve Party DJ’s in Arcola Saskatchewan

January 1, 2014

So we’re on our way back from Saskatchewan and guess what??? every gas station is closed .. on a wednesday?? really?? oh wait! aahh yes its NEW YEARS DAY! good thing we filled up yesterday

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE from all of us a at Summer Bounce Entertainment.

Last night we went to Arcola Saskatchewan to DJ for a New Years Eve Masquerade Ball. To start the night off they were very nice to us ( their DJ’s) they put us up in a hotel called the Chaparral which for a small town was very nice.

There was a Hypnotist called Jaydee, he had some volunteers who came up and he got them hypnotized and made them do some funny stuff, we have a few pics of it as well. I’ve heard of people getting hypnotized, i’ve also heard of people pretending but I know Jaydee did good job, we laughed. I wonder how a hypnotist would do at Wedding Reception or better yet at a Wedding Social !! (note to self, maybe a hypnotist can help couples make money at a social)

The New Year’s Eve Party was awesome, at about 11:45 PM about 200 people grabbed champagne from the bar, then we called everyone onto the dance floor at 11:55 PM and then being the crafty DJ’s we are (Mostly Julian) came up with the awesome idea of playing “Europe – The Final Countdown” . Everybody. Went. Nuts! on the chorus and sang their hearts out! it was a great way to ring in 2014 then I there was a balloon drop and each balloon had prizes for those who caught them. I (Brenton ) then called my wife to tell her happy new year, first time in 10 years we’ve been apart on New Years Eve. The party went straight until 2 am and the last song of the night was “Black Jack Billy – Booze Cruise”

On our way back stopped in to see an old friend and his family who lives on the border of Manitoba & Saskatchewan, had a little bit of lunch and now as I write this blog we are getting gas in Sirous MB headed eastbound.

Happy New Year everyone and wish that all your dreams come true but for this to happen YOU have to take action to get you closer to your goal.

If you’d like to book our DJ services please call 204.392.5659 or visit our website www.summerbounce.ca

Dj's at the New Years Eve Masquerade Ball in Arcola Saskatchewan

Dj’s at the New Years Eve Masquerade Ball in Arcola Saskatchewan