So today after driving around in Winnipeg,  picking up wedding Social tickets from our printers. I noticed my gas light come on. (geez!) Winnipeg, rush hour traffic?… not good. Heading down Regent ave I though to myself I know there’s a gas station somewhere around here. Just before hitting Panet rd (which is my turn off)  I pulled unto the lot for a Petro Canada Gas and there was 1 car filling up and 5 pumps open (sweet!!) but then just on the other side of my turn off was a Co-op gas bar (even better!!)

I hate pumping my own gas, not that i’m too good for it but the smell of gas just makes me sick… literally… turns my stomach and all.  So I went a little further (past my turn off) because Co-op is know for full service, I waited behind 2 other vehicles filling up until it was my turn (probably would have been long gone if I was at Petro).  I hoped out, the attended uttered, Fill? yup ! regular ? you bet!. I headed inside. While waiting I grabbed 2 cans of energy drinks, chocolate and gum. The cashier was juggling 2 tils as customers came up and paid.


When it was my turn I asked.. are you guys always busy? she answered with a very proud yes ! what about the gas station next door? why is noone there? she replied … well I guess people just love coming here? After driving away and weaving through the parking lot to avoid the dreaded Winnipeg traffic it dawned on me. I probably paid more for my gas, plus I bought some other items there were over priced but I didn’t care because I got what I wanted and that was to GET SERVED! mind you the customer service was still lacking quite a bit but it was way better that what I was ever gonna get next door.

As a DJ I can learn a lot from this experience, If I was satisfied with just basic customer service, what would happen if the customer service was stellar? or better yet, actually top notch? I’d be spending even more money ! If I can provide my clients with a service that wow’s them and makes them happy to do business with us then I can grow my business with a solid base. I thought I was doing that but there is much more that I can do to help my customers! much more ways to make things easier for them. At their Weddings & Social events much more ways to make it more fun for their guests even before the party starts.


As a Wedding & Social DJ i’d love to wow my customers socks off because I care about them and want them to care about me and my staff as well. I’m thinking that in the very near future i’m going to deliver even more for my customers when they least expect it. Winnipeg won’t even see it coming. Petro Canada you need to offer more “service” Co-op ! I know you guys can do better… Raise the bar a little higher.


Customer Service…. we need it back !