September 13, 2016

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1. It’s All About the prizes!

Do you know what people like more than cheap drinks and awesome music? Sweet prizes!
And no doubt you have a stellar line up put together for your social but…
are you doing enough to build the hype?

Here’s a tip: Each week post a photo of one of your prizes to Facebook and Instagram.

  • Add a good description and be sure to include what it’s worth.
  • Always include links to the important stuff like your Facebook event page.
  • If you’re on Facebook include multiple photos to boost your post and get it seen by more people!
  • Start a trend and tag friends in a comment under your post.
  • Last but not least don’t forget to #hash #tag it!

2. More Fun with Social Media

Okay so you have the hype for your prizes down and people are getting excited.
Now what? You need to keep your friends and family interested and engaged
with your event.

Why not do a mini contest? Put on your thinking cap and get creative.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Whoever posts the 10th comment on your post instantly wins a pair of tickets.
  • Whoever posts the goofiest photo of themselves on your event page scores a handful of free raffle tickets.
  • Early bird gets the worm! First 20 people to buy their tickets are entered to win a bonus door prize.

Add some cool or funny graphics to go along with your contest too and you’ll be
sure to generate some good laughs and much needed buzz around your social!

3. Make Buying Tickets Crazy Easy

People are stoked for your wedding social but what really matters is that they grab
their tickets and show up right?

Selling your social tickets online with makes buying tickets to
your social something anyone can do in under a minute from the comfort of their phone!

Not only that but your page is extremely shareable online,
meaning the link to your page can go viral with friends and family.
Anyone who has that link has instant access to buy your tickets whenever they like! is absolutely FREE to use and it’s a ton of fun. Check it out.

4. Recruit your Crew

Still not going as viral as you’d like? Hey don’t worry it’s a lot of work!
That’s why you’ll need to enlist your friends for help!

You’re probably already relying on close friends and family to help with your
social, and they’re probably more than willing to help you promote online too —
but they might not know how. Make sure you guide them a bit and feel free to
send them to this article for advice.

Do you have a cool tip or trick for going viral online? Let us know!

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