What to look for in a Winnipeg, Steinbach or Even a Manitoba Wedding DJ


If you’re searching for  Wedding DJ in Manitoba or specifically Winnipeg and Steinbach Area?

First thing you should inquire about is their Training, followed by experience and a more things!

  1. Master Of Ceremonies Training: There are different levels of training in this area such as Marbecca Method. Having a properly trained and polished DJ who is also the MC can have a lasting impact on your event. A host who can lead the guests in the direction of fun, get them involved in all the activities you’ve provided for them and keep them laughing makes a good time. Yes a trained professional can still do a better job than a cousin or friend and guess what everyone will assume you’re friends any ways 🙂
  2. Conferences: Attending a conference for industry training is important. Examples include Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Midwest DJ’s Live, Canadian DJ Show to name a few. Yes DJ’s do have work conferences, attending these events shows that your DJ is serious about learning all they can to be the best for you on your wedding day. This is how DJ’s keep up on trends and know whats coming next in the world of entertainment and weddings. There are also local Winnipeg Dj associations that keep members in good standing.
  3. Professional Development: DJ mixing classes, The Entertainment Experience, Voice-over training, Acting, Improv, Audio editing and much more. Attending a professional development class like The Professional Process or Make It Grand! and our other courses, is what will keep your DJ/ MC polished and be able to comfortably and effortlessly guide your guest at your wedding. This is how they are able to make you look good as a couple and cause your guests to talk about your wedding for years to come. Many trainers will travel to Winnipeg and Steinbach areas to provide their training to DJ’s & MC’s in a bid to raise the level of professionalism you get from a DJ.


Your DJ is ultimately a reflection of what you want on your big day so choose wisely.  What they do, how they act and what they play will set the tone for the day!

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Written by Christa Mentuck

– Christa is a budding marketer for Summer Bounce Entertainment. She enjoys Sports, the outdoors and being among fun loving people. Come back soon to read more of Christa’s Blogs.


Sound Track For Your Engagement

Setting The Mood

Sound track to your engagement, Winnipeg wedding DJ MC

Sound track to your engagement. Summer Bounce Entertainment, Winnipeg wedding reception, DJ MC

In every movie you’ve ever seen, you know what sets the mood? Music!

Music is also one of the very few tings that can bring back a special memory in the blink of an eye.  When it comes to planning out your engagement having the perfect song playing can deepen the moment – not only will you be setting the mood but you will be creating a memory of a lifetime!


1. Throw-back Memories:  Do you two already have a song that you know is “Your Song”? If so this would be a sure way of capturing a moment that the two of you can embrace and will be sure to send tingles down her spine.

2. Plan for it:  Decide where and when you want to propose, pick the perfect spot for the proposal.  If it’s in a restaurant, a public arena, or outside co-ordinate with the venue or owner what your plan is, get in touch with the owner/manager of the venue, and ask to have your song(s) played at a specific moment.  Having other people (secret helpers) who know what you are doing helping you will make it more magical and will also put you at ease which will help you focus and enjoy the moment.

3 Song Selections: Here are some specially selected songs that can set the sound track for your engagement selected by a professional DJ from Summer Bounce Entertainment:

10. Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor

9. Marry Me – Train

8. H.O.L.Y. – Florida Georgia Line

7. Hey Pretty Girl – Kip Moore

6. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

5. From the ground up – Dan + Shay

4. Wanted – Hunter Hayes

3. I won’t give up – Jason Mraz

2. Simple – Florida Georgia Line

1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran Ft Beyoncé


A bonus/favorite of on or our DJ/ MC’s Brenton Thompson

* ” You Are The Best Thing – Ray Lamontagne ” *


Once she says “Yes!” you can go on and start to plan your big day!

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Top 10 songs picked by a professional DJ in winnipeg, for Wedding Receptions

Top 10 songs picked by a professional DJ

Written by Christa Mentuck

– Christa is a budding marketer for Summer Bounce Entertainment. She enjoys Sports, the outdoors and being among fun loving people. Come back soon to read more of Christa’s Blogs