Winnipeg & Steinbach Area DJ also does church dances in the basement

December 20, 2013

tonight DJ Brenton will be the DJ for the Springs Church Inner City over on Burrows Ave in Winnipeg. Last time we did an event for these guys it was summer time and it was a neighborhood block party. (what a wicked idea) the kids were dancing. and he church yard was bumping.

Tonight we’re in the basement of the springs church inner city for another shaker, i’ve been given a ton a prizes to give out and these guys will participate in any dancing to win them. On the way here I guess i accidentally plugged the address into my iphone and switched 2 digits around because for about 20 minutes i was driving in circles, but i found it thanks to Jono Zantigh (another youth pastor from the other springs location)

We’ve done quite a few youth dances for different church organizations and it’s always fun, not what you’d expect but then again they want to have fun too right. It’s a little bit less formal that a Wedding Reception and not as crazy as a Winnipeg or Manitoba Wedding Social but it sure is fun

Let’s have a dance party in the church basement tonight!

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We don’t only DJ in Winnipeg or Steinbach Manitoba you know??

So today DJ’s Brenton & Jules are heading out. Out to where?? not Winnipeg!. Actually we’re headed the opposite direction. We’re headed to Kenora Ontario to DJ for the St Thomas Aquinas High School “Winter Formal”. This is probably the 5th year in a row that we’ve done this school dance and it’s pretty fun. We get there about 5 pm and as we’re driving right now… the road looks ugly and we have a 2 hrs drive which could easily turn into a 2.5 hr drive for these DJ’s.

Its a 3 hr dance party that is in a decked out gym and filled with schoolers that are ready to dance and have a good time. I’d be curious how we can get into Winnipeg or even Steinbach areas schools to provide DJ services for them for their Grads or Safe Grads? Now that would be awesome!. These guys in Kenora they love the interactive style of DJing that we bring and it’s always fun to party with them.

Wish us luck.!

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Keep warm everyone in Winnipeg!