Winnipeg Wedding Social DJ – After Red River Business Exams for Steve & Paloma

So on Friday May 2, 2014 We (DJ Brenton & DJ Jules aka Julio Hernandez) performed a Winnipeg Wedding Social for Steve & Paloma. Man was it epic!, they both were students at the Red River college in Winnipeg and Friday was the last day of exams for them and all their fellow business students, their wedding social was held at Greendell community center on Woodlawn Ave in Winnipeg (which just got a face lift by the way) and all the students were piling in, like literally… just pouring in through the doors they finished off the final exam about 4 hrs before the Wedding Social started.

Wedding Social in Winnpeg Manitoba, Interactive DJ serviceWinnipeg Wedding Social

Heritage Museum and it was a great time. When they contacted us about a year ago they were thrilled that we were available and excited to be their DJ’s for their Winnipeg Wedding Social. During our first “get to know your Social DJ” meeting they were pretty thorough on what they did and didn’t want, which was awesome. I recall Steve saying “first off.. NO country! we want classic rock and top 40’s” and the Paloma threw in with a big smile “and Latin music! , my family is Spanish and they love to dance”. Which is good because we know it’s important to play what the couple wants. At the end of the meeting we sent them home with a copy of our very own ” “How to Make More Money at your Winnipeg Wedding Social.” it’s a book we wrote which compiles all 9 years worth of doing Winnipeg and Manitoba wedding socials in to a 45 page planner which our couples have dubbed their social planning bible.

Winnipeg Wedding Social DJ Service Interactive Steve & Paloma's Wedding Social in Winnpeg Manitoba, Interactive DJ service











Between that day and their wedding social on the 2nd there were many emails back and forth and tons of text messages. About 6 weeks before the wedding social we got together at our office in Winnipeg to plan the wedding social, we went through a time line, we created schedules for their wedding party to work, we picked more music, and set pricing for drinks and silent auction tickets as well as gave them pointers on how to abide by the new MLG (Manitoba Liquor & Gaming Commission)

Winnipeg Dj for Wedding SocialsWinnipeg Wedding Social DJ


Come social night we got there and setup plus, had a projector set up with pictures of Paloma & Steve for the guests to watch, by 10 pm our dance floor was hopp’n after we taught out first interactive dance, “The Cupid Shuffle” and then from there we pumped them up, danced with them, taught them interactive dances and created a fun Wedding Social.

Our silent auction draw which would normally take 30-45 minutes to draw 15 regular prizes, 5 grand prizes, 50/50 and stock your bar. Only took a whopping 12 minutes, just by using a simple trick which we share with all our couple who book with us.

And now were scheduled to do the music, sound system and microphones for Steve & Paloma’s wedding ceremony in August at the formal gardens in the Assiniboine Park.


Interactive Wedding Social DJ in WinnpegPaloma & Steve's Wedding Social Interactive DJ








We love entertaining and offering interactive DJ services that compliment and add to our couples wedding socials in the winnipeg, Steinbach area and weve even been to Saskatchewan in places like Arcola, Kisbey, Alida, Manor, Carlyle, Arcola and Mooseomin and even been to Kenora, Red Lake, Balmer town, Cochenour & Earfalls .

If you’d like to have us help you plan an amazing Wedding Social please call us at 1.204.392.5659



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DJ Customer Service… Learned from a gas station

So today after driving around in Winnipeg,  picking up wedding Social tickets from our printers. I noticed my gas light come on. (geez!) Winnipeg, rush hour traffic?… not good. Heading down Regent ave I though to myself I know there’s a gas station somewhere around here. Just before hitting Panet rd (which is my turn off)  I pulled unto the lot for a Petro Canada Gas and there was 1 car filling up and 5 pumps open (sweet!!) but then just on the other side of my turn off was a Co-op gas bar (even better!!)

I hate pumping my own gas, not that i’m too good for it but the smell of gas just makes me sick… literally… turns my stomach and all.  So I went a little further (past my turn off) because Co-op is know for full service, I waited behind 2 other vehicles filling up until it was my turn (probably would have been long gone if I was at Petro).  I hoped out, the attended uttered, Fill? yup ! regular ? you bet!. I headed inside. While waiting I grabbed 2 cans of energy drinks, chocolate and gum. The cashier was juggling 2 tils as customers came up and paid.


When it was my turn I asked.. are you guys always busy? she answered with a very proud yes ! what about the gas station next door? why is noone there? she replied … well I guess people just love coming here? After driving away and weaving through the parking lot to avoid the dreaded Winnipeg traffic it dawned on me. I probably paid more for my gas, plus I bought some other items there were over priced but I didn’t care because I got what I wanted and that was to GET SERVED! mind you the customer service was still lacking quite a bit but it was way better that what I was ever gonna get next door.

As a DJ I can learn a lot from this experience, If I was satisfied with just basic customer service, what would happen if the customer service was stellar? or better yet, actually top notch? I’d be spending even more money ! If I can provide my clients with a service that wow’s them and makes them happy to do business with us then I can grow my business with a solid base. I thought I was doing that but there is much more that I can do to help my customers! much more ways to make things easier for them. At their Weddings & Social events much more ways to make it more fun for their guests even before the party starts.


As a Wedding & Social DJ i’d love to wow my customers socks off because I care about them and want them to care about me and my staff as well. I’m thinking that in the very near future i’m going to deliver even more for my customers when they least expect it. Winnipeg won’t even see it coming. Petro Canada you need to offer more “service” Co-op ! I know you guys can do better… Raise the bar a little higher.


Customer Service…. we need it back !

Winnipeg & Steinbach DJs on Wedding floor plans & seating charts

When it comes on to get your Winnipeg/ Steinbach reception ready for your guests there are lots to consider and one of them is the floor plan. it should be given the right amount of attention but not too much because then you get caught up in the little things and before you know it you’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill. (trust me if you do, you will drive everyone away from you)


A few things to consider in Manitoba are the young, the old, the unborn and especially in Winnipeg Wedding Scene the easily aggravated.

The young – if you’re having kids at your wedding if they are really young, you may want to have high chairs available (some venues in Winnipeg or steinbach area provide high chairs) or make room for strollers, if they are old enough to interact with others consider putting all the children together in an area of the room that will give enough space for them to run around and a little ways away from the head table or cake or food or dance floor area. I once seen at a wedding in Steinbach a 4 year old ran into the cake table, it was all over the floor after that. You also want to keep them away from the DJ area as kids love playing hide and seek and tag and around sound equipment is not place for kids.


The old – many times grand parents are placed in front of the dance floor so they can be front and center to see everything but once the dancing begins and the music gets turned up the older guests get quite frustrated because its too loud even for them, they just want to visit and catch up and they can’t do that, or in some case their tables have to be moved to make room for the actual dancing which is a popular thing in winnipeg. All of the above reasons can drive them home earlier than  you hoped. When planning for your floor plan be sure to put the older guests somewhere that they can still see but won’t be made uncomfortable maybe somewhere like the center of the room the second row of tables from the dance floor.


The unborn – If you have friends or family that are pregnant having them close the the rest rooms is always a great idea. If you or anyone you know has ever been pregnant you’ll know that they visit the restroom 2 times as much as anyone else. when it comes on to being close to the music or dance floor that’s not generally a problem if the mom can handle the music and dancing then she’s good to go.


The easily aggravated – Ok maybe not the best choice of words but what I mean is if you have members of the family or friends who don’t get along but are both invited then you will want to sit them as far part from each other as possible and I mean far. not like 1 table over where they can see the other persons lips moving and be wondering if they are talking about them (lol) but far apart so there are no issues. I’ve seen a hand full of weddings both in Winnipeg & Steinbach that we have the the DJ’s at and where family gets put together and don’t like each other and end up causing an uproar at weddings. Not a good idea


When it comes to the DJ/ Entertainment or Party its extremely important to have the DJ directly in front of or next to the dance floor. IT IS A BAD IDEA TO HAVE ANY TABLES BETWEEN THE DJ AND THE DANCE FLOOR. We’ve seen to many times where family is siting right next to the DJ and are screaming at him/ her to turn it down but then there are people on the dance floor yelling TURN IT UP!! any other floor plan will be problematic.


Below i’ve shown you pictures of good floor plans and also pictures of bad floor plans.


When all else fails you can always nix the idea of a seating plan and have everyone sit where ever they want. this will allow all your friends from Winnipeg to sit with other Winnipeg friends, all your steinbach peeps can hang with the others from that area as well it really depends on how important an aspect like this is to your wedding planning.


Let me know what you think of this blog post, like it, don;t like it let me know.

feel free to contact us 204.392.5659 or 204.326.5168


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Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart

Winnipeg Seating chart



Winnipeg/ Steinbach Wedding/ Social DJ’s go to Las Vegas

It’s not very often that someone goes to Las Vegas, especially from the Steinbach, Winnipeg area. However we just finished our 7th DJ conference in Las Vegas and it was great fun.


As a wedding DJ it’s important to be able to keep up with whats current in our industry. Not only around Winnipeg or Steinbach for weddings or socials but also around the world. We head down there and meet with all the companies that offer items that as DJ’s we can offer to our Wedding & Social clients to make their events more fun, memorable, exciting and in the case of Wedding Socials MORE PROFITABLE!.

While down there we came across some great Photobooths that can be used at wedding receptions and its a great thing to have because more and more photo booths are becoming a staple at weddings. It’s a great alternative to those who don’t dance and when the props come out its a hoot!


We also got some T.V. Game shows that were Similar-to-Wheel-of- Fortune, In-the-style-of-Jeopardy and Just-Like-Family-Feud. These were amazing to play, we had a big screen which made you feel like a real game show contestant, there were buzzers, there was sound effects and an very funny host. This is a game that would work great during cocktail hour at a wedding reception to get the guests in touch with some fun facts about the couple. It can also be used at rehearsal dinners to get the 2 families to know each other better and just like in the Steinbach or Winnipeg Area. There are lots of families that never know each other until the wedding, so why not get to know each other with a Game Show night filled with questions about the families?


These are also great at Wedding Socials to get the guests there early.

these are great to ahve at your Steinbach Wedding or Winnipeg Social


To find out how the photobooth or the Game Shows can help at your Winnipeg/ Steinbach area Wedding Reception or Wedding Social please give us a call 204.392.5659 or visit our website or email

This is a great form of entertainment for those who don’t dance in Steinbach or winnipeg

Summer Bounce is a Winnipeg DJ Service but we also do Cash Cubes!!

So there will be a restaurant & Bar show happening at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. We will be providing our cash cube to a company called Toledo foods. The cash cube will be used inside their booth to help entice their guests and get them to enter the draws.

believe me when I say every time this machine comes out the people of Winnipeg go crazy. in past years we’ve also used it for the wonderful wedding show.

How can this help you if you’re planning a Wedding Social in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba for tat matter? Well we’ve all seen 50/50 draws at wedding Socials around Winnipeg and it’s the same thing right? some unwilling member of the wedding party walks around with a bucket and a roll of tickets, when they come up to you, you can barely hear what they’re saying because the music is so loud so they simply point at the tickets and give you a 1/2 smile/ smirk to which you just shake your head and continue with your conversations.

But now it’s your Wedding Social and you want everyone to be pumped about buying 50/50 tickets. You want your social to be profitable and wow your guests, with a cash cube you can do just that. the booth is filled with “funny money” and it’s setup close to the front door or by the DJ table so everyone can see it.

All your guests see are dollar signs in their eyes as they watch all this money (that could be theirs) blow all around in the whirlwind of winnings.You can get your wedding party members to hop in and really show how excited they are to grab all the green. When your guest see how exciting it looks they’ll all be asking just one question.

How can I get in there?

All you have to do is buy a 50/50 ticket and if you win… instead of getting only 1/2 the prize why not jump into the cash cube and grab at ALL of it. everyone will be digging deep into their pockets to get a chance.

Just in case you’re thinking “are loonies & toonies gonna be flying at people heads?” No we have funny money is $1 denominations makes it more fun that way.

If you’d like to have a cash cube for your Winnipeg Wedding Social then visit our website

Tip #5 How to make more money at your Winnipeg / Steinbach social







Social Tip #5


Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

1) How To Sell More Tickets Earlier

TICKET SALE INCENTIVES- Some people may think “hhhhmmm incentives, does this mean I have to dip into my profits?” the answer is YES! $50 will not make or break your social. After having your friends, family members and wedding party bust their asses to sell tickets, they purchase their own tickets, buy drinks and prize tickets it all adds up. Let see how we can show a little appreciation but at the same time increase our ticket sales.
Most people will put a list of names and phone #’s on Facebook and that’s it, if you want your people to really sell tickets then give them some incentive/ Prize

Have a mini competition between members of your wedding party, family and friends. Each person is give the same # of tickets to sell and the person who sell the most tickets either gets free entry to the event or win a prize of your choice or any other twist you want to put to it just to keep it fun and entertaining while promoting healthy competition. I would say the winner will receive 15 free drink tickets at the social (now thats what I call incentive) and it will honestly only cost you $45 assuming you’re selling your drinks for $3.00 each and even then your actual cost is closer to just under $2 each. Or give them Silent Auction Tickets and this does cost you anything at all.

Public recognition or bragging rights will make that person feel on top of the world. Have your DJ announce the winner of the contest just around the same time as the silent auction.

2) ATTENDANCE INCENTIVE – Most guest come to a social late because there s not much happening there and to be honest they also pre-drink at home before coming out. How can we get them there early so that (A) you can have a better crowd to begin with and (B) make more bar sales earlier? Have an attraction that will pull them there early, some people might do an early draw for prizes or texas Mickey which can work but it is too predictable. We have tried T.V. Game shows in the style of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Minute to Win it & Family Feud and it has pulled quite a bit of people. It’s advertised on the tickets so everyone who buys a ticket knows and with a start time of 9 pm that give everyone 1 hour to get there and grab seat to enjoy the “pre show entertainment. visit our website or call us to setup a meeting to discuss how our game shows can get your guests there earlier.

3) TICKET PRICES. Most people are used to $10 for a social ticket but to be honest its been 1$0 for the past 20 years. Everything else has gone up, gas, cost of living, food costs etc I think $15 for a social ticket is fine however don’t just spring it on the people who may show up at the door to get tickets because thats when they get thrown for a loop, as they had already come with a pre-determined amount of money. Some people may say well what are we getting for that? to justify the price you can either add extra entertainment i.e. a Game Show or a Hot lunch i.e. hot dogs, noodles etc which will be a fraction of what you will make on the higher ticket sales. We had one couple who gave 1 free drink with every ticket and all the guest had to do was rip off the perforated section and claim it at the bar. By just raising the ticket to $15 you increase your profit by 50%. Now thats a way to make more money at your social. You will come across those who will complain but eventually they come around, especially since more and more people are charging $15



* Ask us how with the right incentive you can get your wedding party to sell a record amount of 50/50 and Texas Mickey tickets during the social up to the very last minute. Call us now to setup a meeting or click the link below.

For More information about how our interactive Dj services can help you. Please call 204.392.5659 or… visit our website

Tip #4 How to make more money at your Winnipeg / Steinbach social







Social Tip #4 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

What’s in a Theme- More than you’d know.


Most adults don’t get a chance to dress up but I can tell you that when they do. They love it! Having a theme at your event will help set the mood for the night, a good DJ should be able program the music to go with your theme and also be able to play the classic and current music.

Theme’s can be based around the time or year/ holiday e.g. St Patricks/ St Paddy’s but don’t just stop there, especially if you are playing on a popular theme you need to expand on it to have people come to your social instead of any of the other 100 happening that night. A simple twist can be  St. Paddy’s “Wear green” or Halloween “Zombie theme”
Or you can go all out. 80’s theme “Spandex VS Rocker” and watch your guests take sides and really get into it.

Not everyone enjoys dressing up so don’t make it mandatory but don’t put “Costume optional” on your tickets either or your guests will use that as an escape out of dressing up. Theme socials generally do very well



Social Ticket Images

Social Ticket Samples















Most DJ companies provide tickets that are simple business card size, there’s nothing wrong with this but I’d recommend getting tickets that makes your social look like an event. see a sample of our tickets on our website. We also send you a proof before they are printed and you don’t have to write numbers on any of them because they come sequentially printed and are perforated for ease of tearing.

click here to visit our website and view samples of our social tickets

If your tickets show you theme well it will do some of the selling for you.
You can also have a vague theme which leaves room for your guest creativity e.g. Easter Bunnies and Hunnies. Most people think of the lady being the bunny but then you throw in bunny and now the guy can be the bunny etc etc
*Popular themes include but a not limited to : Beach Party ” Caribbean Style Mon!” ,  Halloween Super Hero’s VS Villains , Christmas Red and White/ Ugly Sweater Social,  St Patrick’s Green party, 80’s  Neon Glow party etc *

oh one more question. if you’re having a theme will the DJ dress in theme? Our DJ’s enjoy dressing in theme, it helps to keep the party energy going when your guests see that the DJ is enjoying himself as well

Ask us about many of the themes we offer* with costumes you can have an extra door prize for best costume.

For More information about how our interactive Dj services can help you. Please call 204.392.5659 or… visit our website

Tip #3 How to make more money at your Winnipeg/ Steinbach Wedding Social






Social Tip #3 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

Soliciting prizes can be tiresome and even frustrating for you and your wedding party. you’ll probably hear this about 50 times ” Yeah we don’t really give anything for Socials” or “We’re all out of promo stuff right now”
Most business won’t give prizes unless you are able to show them whats in it for them. so here is how you can do that.


1. Have a projector at your social, throw it on a wall and have pictures/ slides thanking the various sponsors. If you don’t tell them that you plan on doing this they won’t know and they won’t give.


2. Offer the sponsor an opportunity to put out flyers/ coupons on the tables. (Yes I know it sounds cheezy) But they are in business too, just as much as you’d love to make money on the night of your social they need to make money to keep their business open. They would jump at the chance for increased exposure. Just try it and see what happens


3. Make your social prizes larger. Instead of having 16, 17 or 20 prizes, have less but make them sizeable so your guest actually feel like their is value in your prizes


4. Grand prizes only. It’s easier for your guests to spend more money if the options are less. It’s less work & more money if you have maybe 5 – 7 Grand prizes only instead of 15 regular and 4 Grand prizes. and here is why:
i) The draws will be shorter which equals more drinking
ii) The guests will spend more money at once instead of forgetting to come back after the bar.
iii) Pricing is simple and straight forward


5. If your wedding party is like most wedding parties they dread going around and soliciting prizes. They can use the tips above or… They can each donate some money which you can then use to purchase proper prizes that your guests will actually want to spend money. Your wedding party and other friends & family who are helping solicit will thank you for it.

Want to know how you can get them spending more money on prize tickets, Drinks, 50/50 or Package deals? give us a call to setup a meeting and we can show you how. p.s. ask us about the “Crack the code safe” and how it can make you money

Bonus tips to get prizes.


Host Parties. There are many small business that specialize in personal selling e.g. Passion Parties, Party lite, Arbonne ,  Epicure , Scentsy , Pampered chef and more.. each time you host a party you receive a “FREE” gift and this can be used toward your silent auction prizes

For More information about how our interactive Dj services can help you. Please call 204.392.5659 or… visit our website

Tip #2 How to make more money at your Winnipeg / Steinbach social







Social Tip # 2 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

ANNOUNCEMENTS- I know this sounds like a cliché but you would be surprised how many DJ’s
will not make any announcements to encourage guest to do something other than just “sit there”.  We have heard from many of our couples when we ask them what they DONT want they almost always say “we don’t want a DJ that just sits there”
A) Before the event get your DJ a list of all the silent auctions prize and ticket prices i.e.
prize #1 is “A Hunting Package”, a list of your drink prices , it’s your DJ’s responsibility to physically go and take a look at the prizes and give it a quick description it  over the PA/ sound system for your guests who are seated to become interested. If you don’t interest them then they won’t move around a look at the prizes until its too late and then they won’t even bother to spend much money on them.

B) Your DJ needs to constantly advertise drink prices throughout the night and also needs to keep an eye on
the line up at the bar so they can announce when the line is short so that guests know they won’t have to wait in line. no one likes to wait in line. (Ask us about how you can encourage your guests to buy more drink tickets)**

C) Last call is one of the things that make your guests rush to the bar at break neck speed and get drinks with
the last of their tickets, this varies from hall to hall but one thing that remains the same is how people react when
they hear those dreaded two (2) words “LAST CALL”. Have a fake last call, then the  real last call.
Have your DJ announce last call 10 minutes earlier than normal this creates a rush to the bar after everyone gets their drinks and the crowd has dissipated announce another last call this will have guest running back to buy more tickets to get drinks before it’s too late. Works every time.

* Keep in mind this is Last call for drink tickets NOT last call for the bar

D) Have your DJ announce 50/50 & Perfume ticket prices and also identify the people who are going around and selling tickets, bring them up front have them demonstrate the arms length & wingspan. This will entice people to dig into the pockets

* Bonus. Get a picture of what the perfume/ Texas Mickey bottle looks like. If guest can see what they will win then they can envision winning it.

How can we help?

We can help with making announcements that are energetic, informative and also engaging for your guests, not to mention we have a few tricks that can help to make more money with the silent auction ticket sales, drink ticket sales, we have a different spin in the 50/50 that can make you some extra money, ask us about the 50/50 race.

Ask about our amazing” New CA$H CUBE 50/50 draw” guaranteed to sell more tickets.


The New 50/50 draw for wedding socials

Next Tip I’ll tell you about getting prize donations.

For More information about how our interactive Dj services can help you. Please call 204.392.5659 or… visit our website

Tip #1 How To Make More Money At Your Winnipeg/ Steinbach Wedding Social


Social Tip #1 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

ADVERTISING/ PROMOTING- Does your DJ/ DJ company advertise your social? do they help you get people in the door? do they bring a crowd of their own?
*Social media is big right now i.e. Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, etc especially in Winnipeg. if your DJ isn’t up to date with the technology trends then there might be other things that they are not up to date with e.g. music, equipment etc. Your DJ should have a Facebook page, twitter page, Pinterest Account a website and a newsletter where they can advertise your event to help bring guests in. See our pages below. Everyone’s fear when putting on a Wedding Social is that none will show up, that makes sense but, if you don’t advertise the event then no one will show up.

Facebook: Do you or your DJ have a Facebook page? Ask your DJ to share it on their page, if they have any followers, they will see it and possibly show up if they know they do a good job. When you create an event for the social on Facebook do a little more that the typical “hey were getting married! for tickets call tina, tammy, holly at 204.123.4567” that doesn’t work!
as much a people want to support you they also want to know what to expect. “What’s in it for me ?” so you need to detail your social out on Facebook, include info such as ticket prices, silent auction prizes, type of food for late lunch, grand prizes, is there gonna be 50/50 and a texas mickey draw? etc

look at this.





If you don’t have all this info yet start with the basic’s and get moving, then continuously update the page with pictures, video (it is my opinion small funny promo video does lots) and prize information. If you don’t know how to do this just ask us at Summer Bounce Entertainment. Not only do we know how to plan a profitable Wedding Social in Winnipeg & surrounding areas but we can help you with all theses small details and we have a small following of our own as well.

To find out what else can be done for advertising give us a call to setup a meeting now to find out how you can use Twitter, Posters, Radio stations and friends to advertise with incentives.


For More information about how our interactive Dj services can help you. Please call 204.392.5659 or… visit our website

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