What to look for in a Winnipeg, Steinbach or Even a Manitoba Wedding DJ


If you’re searching for  Wedding DJ in Manitoba or specifically Winnipeg and Steinbach Area?

First thing you should inquire about is their Training, followed by experience and a more things!

  1. Master Of Ceremonies Training: There are different levels of training in this area such as Marbecca Method. Having a properly trained and polished DJ who is also the MC can have a lasting impact on your event. A host who can lead the guests in the direction of fun, get them involved in all the activities you’ve provided for them and keep them laughing makes a good time. Yes a trained professional can still do a better job than a cousin or friend and guess what everyone will assume you’re friends any ways 🙂
  2. Conferences: Attending a conference for industry training is important. Examples include Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Midwest DJ’s Live, Canadian DJ Show to name a few. Yes DJ’s do have work conferences, attending these events shows that your DJ is serious about learning all they can to be the best for you on your wedding day. This is how DJ’s keep up on trends and know whats coming next in the world of entertainment and weddings. There are also local Winnipeg Dj associations that keep members in good standing.
  3. Professional Development: DJ mixing classes, The Entertainment Experience, Voice-over training, Acting, Improv, Audio editing and much more. Attending a professional development class like The Professional Process or Make It Grand! and our other courses, is what will keep your DJ/ MC polished and be able to comfortably and effortlessly guide your guest at your wedding. This is how they are able to make you look good as a couple and cause your guests to talk about your wedding for years to come. Many trainers will travel to Winnipeg and Steinbach areas to provide their training to DJ’s & MC’s in a bid to raise the level of professionalism you get from a DJ.


Your DJ is ultimately a reflection of what you want on your big day so choose wisely.  What they do, how they act and what they play will set the tone for the day!

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Written by Christa Mentuck

– Christa is a budding marketer for Summer Bounce Entertainment. She enjoys Sports, the outdoors and being among fun loving people. Come back soon to read more of Christa’s Blogs.


Sound Track For Your Engagement

Setting The Mood

Sound track to your engagement, Winnipeg wedding DJ MC

Sound track to your engagement. Summer Bounce Entertainment, Winnipeg wedding reception, DJ MC

In every movie you’ve ever seen, you know what sets the mood? Music!

Music is also one of the very few tings that can bring back a special memory in the blink of an eye.  When it comes to planning out your engagement having the perfect song playing can deepen the moment – not only will you be setting the mood but you will be creating a memory of a lifetime!


1. Throw-back Memories:  Do you two already have a song that you know is “Your Song”? If so this would be a sure way of capturing a moment that the two of you can embrace and will be sure to send tingles down her spine.

2. Plan for it:  Decide where and when you want to propose, pick the perfect spot for the proposal.  If it’s in a restaurant, a public arena, or outside co-ordinate with the venue or owner what your plan is, get in touch with the owner/manager of the venue, and ask to have your song(s) played at a specific moment.  Having other people (secret helpers) who know what you are doing helping you will make it more magical and will also put you at ease which will help you focus and enjoy the moment.

3 Song Selections: Here are some specially selected songs that can set the sound track for your engagement selected by a professional DJ from Summer Bounce Entertainment:

10. Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor

9. Marry Me – Train

8. H.O.L.Y. – Florida Georgia Line

7. Hey Pretty Girl – Kip Moore

6. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

5. From the ground up – Dan + Shay

4. Wanted – Hunter Hayes

3. I won’t give up – Jason Mraz

2. Simple – Florida Georgia Line

1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran Ft Beyoncé


A bonus/favorite of on or our DJ/ MC’s Brenton Thompson

* ” You Are The Best Thing – Ray Lamontagne ” *


Once she says “Yes!” you can go on and start to plan your big day!

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Top 10 songs picked by a professional DJ in winnipeg, for Wedding Receptions

Top 10 songs picked by a professional DJ

Written by Christa Mentuck

– Christa is a budding marketer for Summer Bounce Entertainment. She enjoys Sports, the outdoors and being among fun loving people. Come back soon to read more of Christa’s Blogs


Must Have’s When Popping The Question

If your thinking of getting down on one knee soon but don’t have a plan you have come to the right place!


We have put together a few planning tips for the perfect engagement followed by information to help you and
your ‘Bride to be” plan a Wedding of your Dreams that will be sure to have everyone go through an array of emotion that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Find The Perfect Ring

Find out what she likes. This can be tricky but done successfully if planned out carefully.  Girls often dream and talk about the “perfect ring” together.  So if you do you research you are sure to find out some specifics.  Talk to her sister, her best friend or even a co-worker that you know you can trust to keep it a secret.  If she hasn’t already talked about the perfect ring to them they will be able to start a conversation that will lead to that.

Go Shopping.  If she is expecting you to be popping the question more likely than not she will hint at what she likes while shopping.  If not you can go by a jeweller and act as if you are buying your mom a gift for a birthday or Christmas and see what her eye gravitates to. The shape of diamond, the settings she likes, what kind of gold she prefers – all are important.  And if you want to take it a step further you can have a discussion with one of the employees, tell them your plan and they can help you out on that end.

Social Media. Look at your girls Pinterest and Instagram.  Girls create boards in Pinterest to save all of their likes and must-have’s to either buy or create.  If there is a ring on here you are on the right path, may even be the exact ring she wants.  She may have a couple so this is where you can look at the similarities and bring these pictures to a Winnipeg or Steinbach jeweller to help you come up with the best choice!

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Written by Christa Mentuck

– Christa is a budding marketer for Summer Bounce Entertainment. She enjoys Sports, the outdoors and being among fun loving people. Come back soon to read more of Christa’s Blogs







How to Make your Wedding Social Go Viral!

September 13, 2016

Written by our friends from www.hitup.social

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1. It’s All About the prizes!

Do you know what people like more than cheap drinks and awesome music? Sweet prizes!
And no doubt you have a stellar line up put together for your social but…
are you doing enough to build the hype?

Here’s a tip: Each week post a photo of one of your prizes to Facebook and Instagram.

  • Add a good description and be sure to include what it’s worth.
  • Always include links to the important stuff like your Facebook event page.
  • If you’re on Facebook include multiple photos to boost your post and get it seen by more people!
  • Start a trend and tag friends in a comment under your post.
  • Last but not least don’t forget to #hash #tag it!

2. More Fun with Social Media

Okay so you have the hype for your prizes down and people are getting excited.
Now what? You need to keep your friends and family interested and engaged
with your event.

Why not do a mini contest? Put on your thinking cap and get creative.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Whoever posts the 10th comment on your post instantly wins a pair of tickets.
  • Whoever posts the goofiest photo of themselves on your event page scores a handful of free raffle tickets.
  • Early bird gets the worm! First 20 people to buy their tickets are entered to win a bonus door prize.

Add some cool or funny graphics to go along with your contest too and you’ll be
sure to generate some good laughs and much needed buzz around your social!

3. Make Buying Tickets Crazy Easy

People are stoked for your wedding social but what really matters is that they grab
their tickets and show up right?

Selling your social tickets online with hitup.social makes buying tickets to
your social something anyone can do in under a minute from the comfort of their phone!

Not only that but your hitup.social page is extremely shareable online,
meaning the link to your hitup.social page can go viral with friends and family.
Anyone who has that link has instant access to buy your tickets whenever they like!

hitup.social is absolutely FREE to use and it’s a ton of fun. Check it out.

4. Recruit your Crew

Still not going as viral as you’d like? Hey don’t worry it’s a lot of work!
That’s why you’ll need to enlist your friends for help!

You’re probably already relying on close friends and family to help with your
social, and they’re probably more than willing to help you promote online too —
but they might not know how. Make sure you guide them a bit and feel free to
send them to this article for advice.

Do you have a cool tip or trick for going viral online? Let us know!

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Winnipeg Wedding Social DJ – After Red River Business Exams for Steve & Paloma

So on Friday May 2, 2014 We (DJ Brenton & DJ Jules aka Julio Hernandez) performed a Winnipeg Wedding Social for Steve & Paloma. Man was it epic!, they both were students at the Red River college in Winnipeg and Friday was the last day of exams for them and all their fellow business students, their wedding social was held at Greendell community center on Woodlawn Ave in Winnipeg (which just got a face lift by the way) and all the students were piling in, like literally… just pouring in through the doors they finished off the final exam about 4 hrs before the Wedding Social started.

Wedding Social in Winnpeg Manitoba, Interactive DJ serviceWinnipeg Wedding Social

Heritage Museum and it was a great time. When they contacted us about a year ago they were thrilled that we were available and excited to be their DJ’s for their Winnipeg Wedding Social. During our first “get to know your Social DJ” meeting they were pretty thorough on what they did and didn’t want, which was awesome. I recall Steve saying “first off.. NO country! we want classic rock and top 40’s” and the Paloma threw in with a big smile “and Latin music! , my family is Spanish and they love to dance”. Which is good because we know it’s important to play what the couple wants. At the end of the meeting we sent them home with a copy of our very own ” “How to Make More Money at your Winnipeg Wedding Social.” it’s a book we wrote which compiles all 9 years worth of doing Winnipeg and Manitoba wedding socials in to a 45 page planner which our couples have dubbed their social planning bible.

Winnipeg Wedding Social DJ Service Interactive Steve & Paloma's Wedding Social in Winnpeg Manitoba, Interactive DJ service











Between that day and their wedding social on the 2nd there were many emails back and forth and tons of text messages. About 6 weeks before the wedding social we got together at our office in Winnipeg to plan the wedding social, we went through a time line, we created schedules for their wedding party to work, we picked more music, and set pricing for drinks and silent auction tickets as well as gave them pointers on how to abide by the new MLG (Manitoba Liquor & Gaming Commission)

Winnipeg Dj for Wedding SocialsWinnipeg Wedding Social DJ


Come social night we got there and setup plus, had a projector set up with pictures of Paloma & Steve for the guests to watch, by 10 pm our dance floor was hopp’n after we taught out first interactive dance, “The Cupid Shuffle” and then from there we pumped them up, danced with them, taught them interactive dances and created a fun Wedding Social.

Our silent auction draw which would normally take 30-45 minutes to draw 15 regular prizes, 5 grand prizes, 50/50 and stock your bar. Only took a whopping 12 minutes, just by using a simple trick which we share with all our couple who book with us.

And now were scheduled to do the music, sound system and microphones for Steve & Paloma’s wedding ceremony in August at the formal gardens in the Assiniboine Park.


Interactive Wedding Social DJ in WinnpegPaloma & Steve's Wedding Social Interactive DJ








We love entertaining and offering interactive DJ services that compliment and add to our couples wedding socials in the winnipeg, Steinbach area and weve even been to Saskatchewan in places like Arcola, Kisbey, Alida, Manor, Carlyle, Arcola and Mooseomin and even been to Kenora, Red Lake, Balmer town, Cochenour & Earfalls .

If you’d like to have us help you plan an amazing Wedding Social please call us at 1.204.392.5659

Email: contact@summerbounce.net

Social: www.facebook.com/summerbounce

Twitter: @summerbounceent


DJ Customer Service… Learned from a gas station

So today after driving around in Winnipeg,  picking up wedding Social tickets from our printers. I noticed my gas light come on. (geez!) Winnipeg, rush hour traffic?… not good. Heading down Regent ave I though to myself I know there’s a gas station somewhere around here. Just before hitting Panet rd (which is my turn off)  I pulled unto the lot for a Petro Canada Gas and there was 1 car filling up and 5 pumps open (sweet!!) but then just on the other side of my turn off was a Co-op gas bar (even better!!)

I hate pumping my own gas, not that i’m too good for it but the smell of gas just makes me sick… literally… turns my stomach and all.  So I went a little further (past my turn off) because Co-op is know for full service, I waited behind 2 other vehicles filling up until it was my turn (probably would have been long gone if I was at Petro).  I hoped out, the attended uttered, Fill? yup ! regular ? you bet!. I headed inside. While waiting I grabbed 2 cans of energy drinks, chocolate and gum. The cashier was juggling 2 tils as customers came up and paid.


When it was my turn I asked.. are you guys always busy? she answered with a very proud yes ! what about the gas station next door? why is noone there? she replied … well I guess people just love coming here? After driving away and weaving through the parking lot to avoid the dreaded Winnipeg traffic it dawned on me. I probably paid more for my gas, plus I bought some other items there were over priced but I didn’t care because I got what I wanted and that was to GET SERVED! mind you the customer service was still lacking quite a bit but it was way better that what I was ever gonna get next door.

As a DJ I can learn a lot from this experience, If I was satisfied with just basic customer service, what would happen if the customer service was stellar? or better yet, actually top notch? I’d be spending even more money ! If I can provide my clients with a service that wow’s them and makes them happy to do business with us then I can grow my business with a solid base. I thought I was doing that but there is much more that I can do to help my customers! much more ways to make things easier for them. At their Weddings & Social events much more ways to make it more fun for their guests even before the party starts.


As a Wedding & Social DJ i’d love to wow my customers socks off because I care about them and want them to care about me and my staff as well. I’m thinking that in the very near future i’m going to deliver even more for my customers when they least expect it. Winnipeg won’t even see it coming. Petro Canada you need to offer more “service” Co-op ! I know you guys can do better… Raise the bar a little higher.


Customer Service…. we need it back !

Steinbach/ Winnipeg DJ’s heading out to Rough Rider Turf

Today is December 31, 2013 and we’re somewhere in the middle of no where!! lol ok ok maybe not quite but we about 30 Km from Sirous MB and we’re heading to Arcola SK to DJ for the New Years Eve Masquerade Ball. DJ Brenton & DJ Jules will be entertaining, plus i hear they have a pretty awesome hypnotist on just before us, should be a good show.

So most couples who are having events they generally think that if they are out of town the DJ won’t travel … well we do and we’re traveling 5 hrs to SK. for the new year we planning on DJing for more wedding receptions around the Winnipeg and steinbach area and maybe more SK events.

also i wanted to tell you about a new contest we are having this week called Pose N Post and it’s being held on our facebook page here’s the link http://l.inkto.it/1ge81

all you gotta do is get ready with your smart phone and watch the video to find out what you’re suppose to take a pic of and enter the contest.

If you’re looking for a Winnipeg or Steinbach DJ for your Wedding or Social and you want an interactive DJ who can make it fun and help you plan it so its profitable give us a call 204.392.5659 or visit our website

Winnipeg DJ’s Doing Christmas Parties

So it’s December 14, 2013, well… it’s actually December 15 at 3 AM but since we haven’t slept yet and we’re on our way home.. it’s still Saturday. By the time we get back to the shop and unload it’ll be about 4am.

Tonight we were the DJ’s for 2 christmas Parties, we hosted 2 Game Shows and did 1 Photo booth in Winnipeg. DJ’s Jules & DJ Brenton performed for the MMM group (Engineering firm), their dinner & Dance at the Fort Garry Place also in Winnipeg. The Venue was very nice however setting up and getting our equipment up there was a bit of a challenge but we managed, Stairs, Passage ways, Elevators.

We M.C.’d a customized Game Show for them and played 2 trivia game in the style-of-Jeopardy. It was fun! they were right into it! For Winnipeg company that we had never heard of before they were a blast. Following the Game Show we opened then Photobooth, DJ Kedron ran it and the guests jumped in and, taking a bunch of photo booth pictures. It was unlimited prints and they definitely had fun with. Shortly afterwards DJ’s Brenton & Jules opened up the dance floor and it was a hit. We filled the evening with interactive Dances and they loved it. They had never seen DJ’s like us in Winnipeg before for Christmas parties until the year before when on of their employees seen us at a different christmas party and “Stole us”. We worked with an awesome supervisor from the Fort Garry place named David, timid guy but very efficient and nice to us DJ’s which doesn’t happen very much.

DJ Stephen & DJ Jesse Performed for the Bethania Care personal Home which is also a Winnipeg company. their party was filled with many ethnic groups, Canadians, Jamaican, Cubans etc etc our Knowledge of Ethic music was put to the test every time they came up and asked for a Cha Cha or Meringue but our intense training that our DJ’s go through really paid off!. They had the dance floor bumpin from about 8:30 pm til 12 midnight, Their party was downstairs inside the Canad Inns Transcona in Winnipeg. Thinking back I remember being the DJ a wedding down there about 4 years ago. They Enjoyed the event and hopefully they’ll have us back next year.

DJ Bryer & DJ Rowan performed for a Game Show for Luxton Community Centre’s Christmas Party, it was a bit shorter than the rest but it was still fun, This is the first Community centre in Winnipeg that we’ve seen have a christmas Party but it was a great 2 hours they enjoyed playing round of round of Just-Like-Family-Feud, teams going head to head with each other.

Back on Friday we were the DJ’s for Hanover Dental in Steinbach, great group of people and they have one amazing boss Dr Luke Singh, he took really great care of his staff, the party was held at CD trees which is a Christmas Tree Farm just south of Steinbach, We played Just-Like-Family-Feud, In the Style-Of-Jeopardy and also Almost-Wheel-Of-Fortune. Then later we dimmed the lights, turned up the music and did some interactive Dances where we got involved and got them going. Dr Luke loves Bon Jovi

Earlier on Friday we were in Winnipeg again and this time we performed a Game Show for Arnold Bros Transport. Also a hoot! we did Just-Like-Family-Fued & In-The-Style-Of-Jeopadry. One guy in the crowd no matter what the question his answer “Whiskey!!” They even had a Santa who was taking pictures as well.

This marks the end of a busy few weeks with Christmas Parties in Winnipeg, Arcola SK, Red Lake ON, Steinbach MB and surrounding area’s we get a few days of rest and back to it.

If you’d like to do business with us please contact us at 1.204.392.5659 or email contact@summerbounce.net , We offer interactive DJ services, Interactive T.V. Game Shows & Photobooths as well.

Merrry Christmas !

Getting ready for a Christmas Season thats busy for a Winnipeg area DJ

Well looked out the window today and seen that it didn’t stop snowing from last night but then again… not surprised as we do live in Manitoba and Winnipeg is famous for cold but… you already knew that.

For this coming weekend we’ll be having DJ’s all over. On Friday DJ Brenton will be performing for a Corporate Holiday party & Game Show in Winnipeg. Saturday DJ Bryer Hildebrandt will be the DJ for the northern Chiefs of Ontario Christmas Party. DJ Aaron Miller will be the DJ & Game Show Host for McDonald’s Restaurants in Winnipeg. DJ Stephen Coverini will be in Balmoral as the DJ for the Stonewall District Health Association and DJ Brenton Thompson will be heading out to Erickson MB for a DJ and Game Show Host event.

Game shows are tons of fun that can be used to really get your guests having a good time even before the party actually begins. Some companies put custom questions into it so the guests are more familiar with the questions and then it’s about who’s the fastest not the smartest. Our Game shows come complete with the Host, the screen the buzzers and all, we’ve even been using the Game show as early entertainment for wedding socials.

We’re hoping the weather gets better as there will be tons of traveling and we know that our customers are looking forward to having interactive DJ’s for their events. Looking at the Calendar we will be DJ ing in Winnipeg quite a bit.

Talk to you all soon and keep warm

– DJ Brenton

For information on how you can have a DJ for your event in and around Winnipeg, Steinbach and surrounding area just give us a call 204.326.5168

New Facebook page

Hey Everyone we’ve opened up a new facebook page to accommodate all of our friends in Winnipeg who are getting married and in need of a DJ. It’s under the name Winnipeg Wedding DJ and we will be having contests and giving out prizes on a regular basis here is the link to check it out


see you over there and be sure to engage us on the page if you’re having a wedding in Winnipeg and need a DJ