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What can a Steinbach/ Winnipeg Wedding DJ learn from a magician for fun cocktail hour ideas

So on Saturday May 3 I had the pleasure attending a birthday party for friends of ours son in the Niverville area. On our way all I could think of was me reliving my childhood, attending birthday parties that started at noon and ended at 4 in the afternoon, ice cream, cup cakes and goody bags oh how I love the goody bags. Then. Reality hits me and I remember that I’m an adult and I gotta stand by the side while all the kids have the “real fun” oh man…this sucks !

When we got down stairs I noticed that there was a gentleman who they said was from Winnipeg, he was setting up and he had a a Bunch of playing cards, took a closer look and It was Alex Hamm the Magician.. Sweet! If anyone knows me they know I’m a huge geek for magic and all things mythical. Today was getting better by the minute

When it was time all the kids got ushered in they made a semi circle and Alex jumped right in, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand, kids and adults alike were amazed. He got the adults involved with tricks that made sense for adults which I could totally see working at wedding reception during cocktail hour.


Alex Hamm Winnipeg Magician Wedding Reception





At one point this Winnipeg Magician used kids as magicians as well, which helps to tie things in, cement the moment in their minds and make the birthday party fun & memorable, I don’t know about you but that’s got “Fun Wedding Idea” written all over it.

I noticed that he started to pull random things out of thin air and from behind people’s ears (typical right?) until you see that these things light up and then get caught in a brown paper bag, a little trippy

There was times he took audience belongings and made it look like he destroyed it ( which freaked out the owners ) but got a good chuckle when they got it back in one piece, and he did a pretty good job of getting the hosts involved on.

I’m thinking that as an interactive DJ company in the Winnipeg and Steinbach area who specializes in personalizing wedding ceremonies & receptions I’d be very interested in pointing my couples in the direction of a magician like Alex Hamm.

What I’ve learnt from this Winnipeg magician “Alex Hamm” is that using something like Magic can definitely entice and awe your guests during the cocktails while the bride and groom are busy getting their wedding pictures done.


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Winnipeg/ Steinbach Wedding/ Social DJ’s go to Las Vegas

It’s not very often that someone goes to Las Vegas, especially from the Steinbach, Winnipeg area. However we just finished our 7th DJ conference in Las Vegas and it was great fun.


As a wedding DJ it’s important to be able to keep up with whats current in our industry. Not only around Winnipeg or Steinbach for weddings or socials but also around the world. We head down there and meet with all the companies that offer items that as DJ’s we can offer to our Wedding & Social clients to make their events more fun, memorable, exciting and in the case of Wedding Socials MORE PROFITABLE!.

While down there we came across some great Photobooths that can be used at wedding receptions and its a great thing to have because more and more photo booths are becoming a staple at weddings. It’s a great alternative to those who don’t dance and when the props come out its a hoot!


We also got some T.V. Game shows that were Similar-to-Wheel-of- Fortune, In-the-style-of-Jeopardy and Just-Like-Family-Feud. These were amazing to play, we had a big screen which made you feel like a real game show contestant, there were buzzers, there was sound effects and an very funny host. This is a game that would work great during cocktail hour at a wedding reception to get the guests in touch with some fun facts about the couple. It can also be used at rehearsal dinners to get the 2 families to know each other better and just like in the Steinbach or Winnipeg Area. There are lots of families that never know each other until the wedding, so why not get to know each other with a Game Show night filled with questions about the families?


These are also great at Wedding Socials to get the guests there early.

these are great to ahve at your Steinbach Wedding or Winnipeg Social


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This is a great form of entertainment for those who don’t dance in Steinbach or winnipeg

DJ company with Photobooth in Winnipeg & Steinbach area

Today we’re gonna talk about our Photobooth

We have some great ideas for wedding couples to do with our Photo Booth strips after their reception

You can have an album showing the photos of your guests. We have a printer already there so we print and give to guests as a wedding favor right after the photos are taken. Afterwards we add them to a scrapbook and guests write their well wishes and greetings to the bride and groom right beside their picture. This is more personal and very different from the standard guestbook, and it also helps to make the fun little things memorable.

Why do you need a photo booth at your reception?

everyone loves them because it entertains their guests who don’t dance while capturing memories and It brings out the personalities of the bride, groom and their guests. this also give a opportunity to interact and get their pictures taken with guests, so it’s kinda like visiting with them… but more fun!

Is it the same as those booths at the mall?

Our Photo Booth is an open air style, so it can accommodate larger group photos. We also bring props that guests can use to make things look wacky and create a more entertaining experience for themselves, some Winnipeg couples even personalize it by having us make special backgrounds for them. I wonder how a Winnipeg jets photo strip would look??. they even request certain props and or costumes. As soon as the camera counter starts the fun comes out and it’s hilarious to watch.

Is it Fun for Winnipeg, Steinbach & Area Wedding Receptions?

Props include Hats, masks, Mustaches, White board. These additions to the photos, make it creative and crazy. Especially when they write something and then photo bomb someone else with it. People from Winnipeg are a little crazy and the Photo Booth fits right in with them for a Wedding reception.

Watch our promo video here

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