Middle Schools

Power Reason #1:
Interactive DJs that get out from behind that table and get involved with the crowd teaching them fun interactive dances.

Power Reason #2:
School appropriate Entertainment. Music selection plays a critical role in the overall success of the event. Our music library features RADIO EDIT selections.

Power Reason #3:
More than just music. Contests, Games, Interactive MC s/DJ s we also have available upon request music video screens, air brushed tattoos, T.V. Game shows, Up-lighting. Plus we offer a complete line of fundraising activities to enhance your event.

Power reason #4:
Top quality lighting and sound system and we always have a backup system. So we give peace of mind.

Power reason #5:
Experience in youth entertainment, every summer we keep in constant contact with youth by providing entertainment at various campgrounds and water parks.

High School Parties

We perform school dances because we enjoy playing new & current music that makes people dance and give a good feeling.We Are interactive D.J.’s who will rock the party and make everybody want to dance non-stop.

Make us your official school dance D.J.’s and we will show you how our interactive parties make students come back to every party. We are the official School Party Dj’s and we want to help you raise money!

We help you plan themed parties like:

  • Halloween (we wear costumes also)
  • Glow Party (with glow sticks)
  • St Patricks Day Party
  • Spring Fling
  • Valentines Day
  • Schools Out Party
  • December Holiday Party
  • Spring Reliever Party etc.

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College Parties

College years are great for learning everything that will get you through the rest of your life. lots of studying and hard work is the norm.

But….. we also understand that when you have finished all your hard work you wanna have fun and be around all the friends you have made . You want to be entertained and have a fun, upbeat, high energy dance party .

Our Dj’s enjoy creating party atmospheres.We can assist with the planning and we also have awesome fundraising ideas as well. We enjoy theme parties and we also have many theme ideas and suggestions.

Whether it is a fundraiser or just an “exam is finally over” party we are here to help create a party that will leave you with fun, crazy party memories.

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