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Make Your Social An Experience!

It’s a Manitoba thing!

A social is a manitoba thing and everyone loves a good social for a few reasons, good drink prices, good prizes and awesome entertainment. We DJ socials because we want it to be Fun, Exciting and Profitable for our customers.

The right entertainment will keep your guests engaged, so they will dance, buy drinks and put money into your silent auction.

We know that a social can be stressful so using our entertainment experience we help with planning, and fundraising to give you the opportunity to enjoy the party.

We enjoy themed and traditional socials, we help to make it a stressfree, fun, all round good time, we would love to sit down and discuss how we can help you.

We include: Fun, Interactive, Motivated DJ’s, A basic light Show (helps to create energy) and a Wireless mic (makes it easy to do prize draws)

FUNdraising Ideas!

Throwing a social should not only be fun but it should also help you raise funds. That’s why Summer Bounce Entertainment offerse a selection of fun but more importantly, INTERACTIVE fundraising games.


Instead of the typical 50/50 draw, get something that engages your guests & put more money in your pocket. Sell tickets for entering the ca$h cube , winner gets a chance to grab at the money that was raised from ticket sales.

30 seconds in the cube is enough to thrill the winner and excite all onlookers, however much money is grabbed goes to the winner, the rest to you. Watch both the excitement & the jackpot grow as the guests dig into their pockets for a chance to get in the cash cube!


The jail n bail is hilarious and at the same time helps to make a profitable social. Watch as your friends pay to have others thrown in the slammer where they have to pay to bail themselves out, or the sherriff can throw them in for the first reason that comes to mind……

Great for snapping pictures of your friends behind bars and adding fun and laughter to the party!


Social Tickets

 Jail N’ Bail

 Cash Cube