Social Tip #1 Compliments of Summer Bounce Entertainment.

ADVERTISING/ PROMOTING- Does your DJ/ DJ company advertise your social? do they help you get people in the door? do they bring a crowd of their own?
*Social media is big right now i.e. Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, etc especially in Winnipeg. if your DJ isn’t up to date with the technology trends then there might be other things that they are not up to date with e.g. music, equipment etc. Your DJ should have a Facebook page, twitter page, Pinterest Account a website and a newsletter where they can advertise your event to help bring guests in. See our pages below. Everyone’s fear when putting on a Wedding Social is that none will show up, that makes sense but, if you don’t advertise the event then no one will show up.

Facebook: Do you or your DJ have a Facebook page? Ask your DJ to share it on their page, if they have any followers, they will see it and possibly show up if they know they do a good job. When you create an event for the social on Facebook do a little more that the typical “hey were getting married! for tickets call tina, tammy, holly at 204.123.4567” that doesn’t work!
as much a people want to support you they also want to know what to expect. “What’s in it for me ?” so you need to detail your social out on Facebook, include info such as ticket prices, silent auction prizes, type of food for late lunch, grand prizes, is there gonna be 50/50 and a texas mickey draw? etc

look at this.





If you don’t have all this info yet start with the basic’s and get moving, then continuously update the page with pictures, video (it is my opinion small funny promo video does lots) and prize information. If you don’t know how to do this just ask us at Summer Bounce Entertainment. Not only do we know how to plan a profitable Wedding Social in Winnipeg & surrounding areas but we can help you with all theses small details and we have a small following of our own as well.

To find out what else can be done for advertising give us a call to setup a meeting now to find out how you can use Twitter, Posters, Radio stations and friends to advertise with incentives.


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